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  • “The Perfect Anchor (pure castile soap)”; 100% natural, additive-free, organic, the best of Castile soap, is launched. One bottle can serve for face and body wash. With carefully selected organic ingredients, this makes your skin perfectly clean and beautiful. Please try and enjoy “The Perfect Anchor”.

  • Manucurist Green from Paris offers a whole new range of nail polishes. The composition of their lacquers is made of up to 84% plant-based ingredients and it has been developed with permanent consideration of having as less impact as possible on the health of our nails. And they made it possible without compromising on the intensity of both color and brilliance. Green nail lacquers are for everyone who seeks and enjoys beauty.

  • Alteya has its own rose farms in Bulgaria. It gains a high recognition in exporting rose oil to world class cosmetics & perfume manufacturers. Qualified by USDA, Alteya is renowned for its high quality skincare products.

  • LiNiDERM is a hydration cream produced by a medical supply manufacturer in France. It moisturizes dry skin with skin barrier function. From babies to adults, it is loved by many people around the world for its high quality and effects.

  • Vie, which means "life" in French, is an MCT oil brand best fits for beauty and health. It makes best use of the nature and delivers the necessary nutrients to human life.